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Eduardo Guerra

Eduardo Guerra is researcher in the National Institute for Space Research (INPE) in Brasil. He conducts agile research since 2002. He was a teacher in one of the most recognized engineering institutes in Brasil, the Institute of Aerospacial Technology (ITA), for 6 years, where he concluded his graduation, mastering and PhD. He is currently developing an on-line specialization course about software design and agile methods in partnership with ITA for the Coursera platform. He was for 7 years the chief-editor of a programming magazine focused on the Java platform called MundoJ and he also have 2 books about software design published in portuguese: “Design Patterns com Java: Projeto orientado a objetos guiado por padrões” and “Componentes Reutilizáveis em Java com Reflexão e Anotações”. His research areas are framework development, software design and architecture, software repository mining, and agile methodologies, which resulted in several papers published in recognized conferences and journals. He participate actively from the patterns community, being a member of the board from Hillside Group.
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